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Our goals in MMA FITNESS Training is to provide our students with the best self defense techniques and total body conditioning program in Fort Oglethorpe, GA and surrounding areas. If your goal is fitness and learning how to protect yourself and get rid of stress, let me help you to become the new you. Call today and set up an appointment (423)505-2952. Classes are for Men, Women, and Children. Remember in this world now is the time to bullyproof yourselves and your loved ones. Self confidence is only a phone call away.

Learning how to protect oneself is very important today in this world. Let Blalock’s IMB/MMA Academy victim proof you and bully proof your children. You will get into the best of your life and learn proven self defense and combat techniques. The greatest gift you could give your loved ones or yourself is the gift of self confidence. As all ways “IT’s Time to Train”. Call (423)505-2952 for more information. Blalocks IMB/MMA Academy is located at 747 Battlefield Parkway Fort Oglethorpe Ga two doors down from Office Depot. -Peace & Love, Master Chet Blalock


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About Blalock's IMB Academy

Blalock's IMB MMA is located in the Fort Oglethorpe area, in Georgia. Martial arts training include classes in MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Eskrima, Self Defense, as well as fitness/weight loss programs. Classes are for men, women, and children, stop by and try out a class!

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International Martial Arts and Boxing


Blalock's IMB

747 Battlefield Parkway,

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia 30742

Phone: (423)-505-2952


Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-8pm Sat 11am-2pm

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